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Txunamy Ortiz (born March 23, 2009) portrays the role of Brittany Diamond in the Brat Universe.


Txunamy Ortiz is an American actress, TikToker, YouTuber, Instagrammer, fashionista and social media personality.


  • Txunamy Ortiz has 3 younger siblings
  • Txunamy Ortiz is an Aries.
  • Txunamy Ortiz is known for Disney Princess Remixed - An Ultimate Princess Celebration (2021)
  • She made a youtube channel in 2017 called Familla Diamond
  • Txunamy has over a million views on her TikTok
  • Txunamy Ortiz portrayed the role of Ella in class of 1970
  • Txunamy Ortiz's favorite holiday is halloween
  • Txunamy Ortiz loves hanging out with her friends and doing TikToks with them.

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